Thursday, April 4, 2013

Baby Gown

Baby Gown (from t-shirt)

I found a great tutorial and pattern for a baby gown from This Mama Makes Stuff.
It was my first time sewing a knit and it was a little tough, but I made it work. 
I used an old graphic tee from Rue 21 (I think) and another plain shirt for the dark blue.
It turned out so cute!! :)


Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Simon's Stamps

My new stamp from Simon's Stamps. Loving it!!

Baby Boot Tutorial

Baby Boot Tutorial
By Lauren Mackey
(Adapted from MollyChicken)

Materials Needed:
Inner Material
Outer Material
Optional: Decorations

1. Cut out pattern pieces.
   (4 top shoe inner, 2 sole inner,
    4 top shoe outer, 2 sole outer)

2. Pin and sew (along sides) right sides together. Inner to inner and outer to outer.

3.Pin soles to boot piece matching center marks with seams and sew.

4. Fold and iron the tops of the boots.

5.Turn the outer pieces right side out.

6. Put the inner pieces inside of the outer pieces.
7. Pin and Sew

8. Add decorative stitching, lace, or whatever you want.


Monday, April 1, 2013

Kimono Slipper Tutorial

Kimono Slipper Tutorial
By Lauren Mackey

Materials Needed:
Pattern  ( Cut to fit you. I have added a size conversion and measurement chart at the end.)
1/4 Yard Outer Material (I used canvas)
1/4 Yard Inner Material (I used fleece)
Optional: Lace/Ribbon, Puffy Paint, other things to decorate with.

1. Cut out pattern pieces. (A,B,C)

2. Pin shoe top pieces right sides together. (You will have two of the larger and two of the smaller) (B,C)

3. Sew only on the side with the concave curve. (B,C) {SEAM ALLOWANCE: 1/2 in}

4. Clip corners. (B,C)

5. Iron right side out. (B,C)

6. Pin together the straight edges. (One big and one small) (B,C)

7. And sew. (B,C)

8. {OPTIONAL} Sew around stitched edge to create a finished look. (B,C) {SEAM ALLOWANCE: your preference (I think I used 3/8 in)}

9. Pin inner material piece A to Piece B/C right sides together, matching back seam with red triangle. (A,B,C)

10. Sew from blue dot to blue dot. (A,B,C) {SEAM ALLOWANCE: 5/8 in}

11. Pin outer material piece A to Piece B/C right sides together, matching back seam with red triangle. (A,B,C)
12. Sew from blue dot to blue dot. (A,B,C) {SEAM ALLOWANCE: 1/2 in}
(should look like a tulip when you open it up)

13. Turn right side out. (A,B,C)
14. Pin inner and outer piece C to inner piece A. (You may have to work at it to get it lined up properly) (A,C)

15. Sew from as close to blue dot as you can get to edge of piece C. (A,C) {SEAM ALLOWANCE: 5/8 in}

16. Pin inner and outer piece B to outer piece A. (A,B) 

17. And sew. (A,B) {SEAM ALLOWANCE: 1/2 in}

What it should look like.

18. Turn inside out.

19. Sew about two inches on each side. From blue dot to past piece B/C, matching seams. (make sure to sew all parts that are not sewed yet)

20. Finish the seams by using a zig-zag stitch or serger. Trim. 

21. Turn right side out. 
22. To finish, pin and sew together toe pieces lining up seams and zig-zagging or serging. Trim.

Finished Shoe!

You can decorate and cutomize. Some examples:

I added tags to the back and puffy paint to the bottoms to make them non-slip.

Shoes on!