Friday, December 12, 2014

Dalmatian Party

My daughter's second birthday is coming up. By coming up, I mean in four months. I really don't like last minute planning! She is obsessed with puppies, especially dalmatians. I searched all over the web for dalmatian themed party decorations (that weren't 101 Dalmatians) with no luck. Off to Illustrator!!  (I used free vectors and fonts-fonts are PuppyBellies and LoveNessTwo)

First up were the invitations. I've pinned a lot of okay ideas but finally found one that I loved!
I pretty much just copied this. I added a tag that will print with the invite and plan on covering the ears in dalmatian print fur! And of course, a place for googly eyes.

I added lots of instructions and a finished example in the .ai file, but if you're directly printing off google, I guess you'll have to figure it out.

The best part about these is that you can use different colors of paper to make different breeds!


Next was the banner. I wanted lots of dalmatian print. After countless hours on Pinterest, I found my inspiration.
It's from an Etsy store that has some GREAT Disney themed printables-

Because the party isn't for four months, I don't have photos of the decorations printed out or in use. :(

I plan on cutting them out around the circle. They are alternating- dalmatian, pink, dalmatian, pink. 
I also made some with a paw print to go at the beginning and end of each word.

I ended up loving these two patterns together so much, I based all the designs around them!


Making the food labels was the funnest part- there are so many cute food names for a puppy party! 
I found so many great ideas for these, it's hard to say what the biggest inspiration was.

I made tons of food labels so I can choose whatever I want to have closer to time. I also made signs for the tables and a few game signs.


I made an adoption sign for the doggie bags that will have a stuffed puppy and some dog biscuits (cookies).
And speaking of the dog biscuits-
You fold it and staple it on top of your bags of treats. I made a ziplock and a smaller size.


Last is for the silverware. I loved the look of this...
...and it shows you how!

Just cut around the pink! I even added dots where the holes go- just in case I have my husband help.

I just finished up a pin-the-tail game. Pin the spot on the dalmatian.
I traced this picture as big as I needed it and then traced it onto my board using a sharpie.

The sharpie bled through enough so that I could see my lines. Some black paint and viola.

Then  cut spots out of a piece of black poster board. We will use sticky tack so the game is reusable. 
Since the party is for a two-year-old, I opted for a 'everyone wins' game. This way, we can try to keep crying kids to the minimum.


The door to the party is going to be a dog house that they have to go through! I'm going to make puppy ears on headbands and serve the food in dog bowls.

We had a GREAT party! In all the excitement, I only got a few photos..but here they are.

 And a bonus photo with the BIRTHDAY GIRL!